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Forever Bling (Bracelets & Anklets)

Do you love our jewelry and never want to take it off? Well we got some exciting news for you!! We offer a permanent Bracelet/Anklet service. Also known as our Forever Bling!!

Days down below for the month of September:

Mondays: 3PM-7PM

Tuesdays: 11AM-7PM

Wednesdays: 3PM-7PM

Thursdays: 11AM-7PM

Fridays: 11AM-7PM

Saturdays: 10AM-8PM

Or If you can't make it in during those days, set up an appointment with us through Instagram! User name: @kirahawaii or text our store phone: (808) 450-9129

Details: Available in different chains for you to choose from! No clasp to worry about getting caught in your clothes or going through difficulties putting it on every morning! Just a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can enjoy and love!

How It Works: We cut the chain to the size that you prefer and close it shut with a little jump ring. After we weld it closed, so you no longer have to worry about losing your jewelry! If for some reason you no longer want it on, all you would need to do is snip it off with a pair of scissors.

Materials: Available in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled, and Solid 14k Gold


  • Sterling Silver: Bracelet $79, Anklet $99  
  • 14k Gold Filled:  Bracelet $89, Anklet $109
  • 14k Rose Gold Filled: Bracelet $94, Anket $114
  • 14k Solid Gold: Bracelet $189, Anklet $249