Mom Life

    OUCH! Burned my shoulder, EO to the rescue!
    Jan 29, 2020 Posted by: Sheri Kira
                            Errmagerdddd!! Ouch!! I recently burned myself while curling my hair.  It was horrible. Luckily, I had an already made "Boo Boo Blend" roller of essential oils on hand, quickly grabbed it and rolled it on my skin.       ...
    How to make an Ice Cream Theme CAKE!
    Jan 24, 2020 Posted by: Sheri Kira
    We all dream about that ultra cute, high layered cake that looks impossible to make.  We totally want to get it for our kid's birthday, but we don't wanna shell out the $150!  Well, I'm here to encourage can do it yourself.  Yes Mama, Yo...



    We Made 5!!
    Jul 16, 2020 Posted by: Sheri Kira
      I can't believe it, but we made 5 years of being a boutique! An actual brick & mortar, providing you all a space to shop the cutest things for yourselves and for the little babes in your life!  When I think about the past 5 years, and of all...
    Featured in the Star Advertiser - Kira Hawaii
    Mar 23, 2020 Posted by: Sheri Kira
    “If you want to work in the fashion/ retail industry, you should find the type of retail that you personally like and enjoy, otherwise it won’t be fun for you.”
    Made in Hawaii Feature
    Mar 01, 2020 Posted by: Sheri Kira
    We've finally perfected our formula for incredible jewelry... Every piece that we make, every piece that I solder or pound out, I feel like it's my 100 percent in each piece... We don't let anything go out the door that we are not happy with,"