About us

Sheri Kira’s eponymous jewelry line embodies the nature of her sparkling spirit. "Kira" in Japanese, literally means "to sparkle, shimmer, shine."  And that is exactly how one would describe Sheri’s passion for love, life, and adventure, and the unique creations that make up her Kira Hawaii jewelry collection.

Having grown up in Mililani on Oahu, Hawaii, Sheri is a small town girl with an adventurous soul. She has traveled to Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Morocco, London, Greece, France, Italy and Spain, and has lived in Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand.  She loves to travel the world but her heart remains rooted in the soil of who she is and what she aspires to become.

Sheri had always envisioned that her job would be her passion.  In 2013, she was determined to live that dream. She quit her day job and put her faith in “Kira Hawaii.”  She poured her heart into creating signature pieces that would stand the test of time and fleeting fashion trends.  

Seeing how much people love her pieces and find happiness in wearing them inspires her to continue to create original designs.  Kira Hawaii jewelry is as versatile and dynamic as the women who wear it.  It can enhance your mood, or influence it.  It makes a statement, whether it’s classic chic or rock and roll.   

Like Sheri, the Kira Hawaii woman has a strong and adventurous personality with a soft heart. She relishes the little things in life.  She’s elegant and edgy.  She’s a princess and a rock star. She is comfortable in her skin, and she’s not afraid to chase her dreams.