Custom Zodiac Star Sign Disc Necklace
$ 69.00
The stars aligned in the big vast wonderful sky, and then you were born. What's your zodiac sign?  Stars stamped are without lines, only the stars.  14k Gold Filled Charm and chain 1/2" disc Brand: Kira Hawaii
Thick Huggie Hoops
$ 45.00
In love with these simple thick huggie hoops.  Perfect to make your daily earrings. 14k Gold Filled 12mm Round Click Hoop • 2mm thick Kira Hawaii
Pearl Tie Necklace
$ 89.00
If you love pearls, you're going to love this versatile tie necklace!  You can wear this long, or wrap it around your neck a couple times to make it shorter and like a layered look.  The pearls are gorgeous and will add such a luxe feel to your ou...
Kira Hawaii - Amelie Earrings, Jewelry at Kira Hawaii
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Amelie Earrings
$ 88.00
These earrings are so pretty, with three spaced pearls sitting on a chain, inside a hammered tear drop hoop. 14k Gold Filled Pearls Tear Drop Shape Earrings Brand: Kira Hawaii
Pearl Dot Necklace
from $ 38.00
Tiny little pearl sits on a delicate chain.  Great to wear along for a minimalist look or layered with other necklaces. 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver chain 16"chain Brand: Kira Hawaii  
Labradorite Bar Necklace
from $ 48.00
Tiny little labradorites sit on a delicate chain.  Great for everyday wear or layered! 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver chain 16"chain, 1" of labradorite beads. 17" total Brand: Kira Hawaii
Kira Hawaii  - Shooting Star Tie Necklace | 14k Gold Filled / Figaro Chain
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Shooting Star Tie Necklace
from $ 79.00
This necklace is super versatile! You can wrap it around your neck a couple times to make a shorter necklace look or  just tie once for a long necklace look.  You can have the stars dangle in the front or your back (if you have a low back top, it ...
Chieko Bracelet
$ 72.00
5 evenly spaced pearls sit on a dainty chain, adding so much cuteness to your wrist game. 14k Gold Filled Pearls Brand: Kira Hawaii
Kira Hawaii - Song Bird Earrings, Jewelry at Kira Hawaii
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Song Bird Earrings
$ 74.00
A beautiful tear shaped earring with a single long chain dangle with a swing, with a crystal quartz at the end. So pretty and unique! 14k Gold Filled Crystal Quartz Brand: Kira Hawaii
Shark Tooth Vermeil Threader Earrings GF
$ 56.00
Tiny shark tooth hangs on a 2” threader earring. Cute and dainty! Vermeil Shark Tooth 14k Gold Filled Earring Chain 2” long chain Brand: Kira Hawaii
Kira Hawaii - Mei Earrings, Jewelry at Kira Hawaii
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Mei Earrings
$ 92.00
Pretty discs dangle on a hammered hoop giving this is pretty exotic look! Details: 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver discs and hoops. Brand: Kira Hawaii
Anika Earrings
$ 69.00
Three tiny little pearls hang perfectly spaced between 1/2" chain.  Very dainty and soft look. Details: 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver chain with fresh water pearls. Brand: Kira Hawaii
Indie Earrings
$ 78.00
The Indie Earrings are giving us total Coachella Vibes!! We love the fun fringe and how it just is so eye catching and unique. Details: 14k Gold Filled, 1.25" hammered circle, 2" long chains, total length 3.75" Brand: Kira Hawaii
Edison Keshi Pearl Necklace
from $ 88.00
5 beautiful Edison Keshi Pearls with a stunning irridesent color sit on a 16" chain. Perfect to wear alone or layered with other necklaces.  14k GF or Sterling Silver chain Edison Keshi Pearls 16" chain Kira Hawaii Jewelry
Kasumi Pearl Lariat
from $ 118.00
Stunning Kasumi-like Pearl hangs on a beautiful lariat chain, creating a perfect Y drop. 14k GF or Sterling Silver chain Kasumi-like Pearl 16" + 2" drop or 18" + 2" drop Kira Hawaii Jewelry
Kasumi Pearl Necklace
from $ 78.00
Stunning Kasumi-like Pearl hangs on a beautiful chain. 14k GF or Sterling Silver chain Kasumi-like Pearl 18" + 2" extender Kira Hawaii Jewelry  
MOP Fan Earrings
$ 69.00
These MOP (mother of pearl) Fan earrings adds a fun flair to your outfit!   14k GF chain Mother of Pearl Fan Shape 2.75" drop Kira Hawaii Jewelry
Hayden Bracelet
from $ 49.00
Elongated link chain makes for a perfectly edgy but dainty look. Brand: Kira Hawaii Materials: 14k GF
Baby G Necklace
$ 98.00
Baby G! She is small and cute, lil' sister of the Gigi Necklace. 7 tiny cz's sit pretty on a dainty 14k gold filled chain.  Perfect by itself and of course great for layering all your #kirabling! Brand: Kira Hawaii Details: 7 CZ's on 15" GF chain.
Carter Bracelet
$ 98.00
Go Bold with our Carter Bracelet and match with the Carter Necklace...let everyone know you mean business like a boss babe! Brand: Kira Hawaii Material: 14k Gold Filled
Honey Drop Ring
$ 85.00
You are gold baby, solid gold! Our first 14K solid gold ring, so sweet and simple for anyone to enjoy.  Wear alone or stacked, the options are endless! Brand: Kira Hawaii Materials: 14K gold Details: Your choice of smooth or hammered texture
Kira Hawaii - Mahina Earrings, Jewelry at Kira Hawaii
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Mahina Earrings
from $ 88.00
Double tear drop shaped earrings with shimmer discs. Very pretty and elegant! Brand: Kira Hawaii Material: Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, 14K Rose Gold Filled Pearl (if chosen)  
Kira Hawaii - Starfish Hoop Earrings, Jewelry at Kira Hawaii
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Starfish Hoop Earrings
$ 84.00
Beachy boho with a touch of sparkle. these earring are perfect for the mermaid in your life! Brand: Kira Hawaii Materials: 14K Golf Fill
Sweet Nothing Necklace
from $ 59.00
The simple and chic Sweet Nothings necklace features a gorgeous Herkimer Diamond strung on a delicate chain.  Brand: Kira Hawaii Details: 15" + 1" ext. • Please add notes if you need the chain shorter or longer Material: Herkimer Diamond, 14k Gol...
Kira Hawaii  - Skye Y Necklace | 16"+2"ext.+3.5"drop
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Skye Y Necklace
$ 85.00
This beauty, is a dainty Y dropped necklace that can be layered with other necklaces. Details: Cubic Zirconia stone dropped at the end. You can choose between two different lengths! 16"+2" extender + 3.5 drop or 18"+ 2 extender+ 3.5 drop. Bran...
Cowrie Hoops
$ 72.00
Beautiful hammered hoop encircles a gold plated cowrie shell, with a single delicate chain hanging for extra pizazz! Materials: 14k Gold Filled, Gold Plated Cowrie
Kira Hawaii  - Hayden Lariat | 16"+2"drop
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Hayden Lariat
$ 74.00
Our Hayden Lariat has a pretty delicate balance to it, with it's unique drawn cable chain and crystal quartz drop. Brand: Kira Hawaii Material: 14k GF, crystal quartz Details: Necklace is 16" or 24" (your choice) with a 2" chain drop, crystal ...
Ami Handchain
from $ 45.00
Mesmerize people with hands when the shimmer catches their eyes.  Our hand chains add so much shine to your outfit. Brand: Kira Hawaii Material: Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled Details: Measurement round the wrist S/M: 5...
Kira Hawaii  - Ellie Earrings | Pearl
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Ellie Earrings
from $ 48.00
Pretty little beadlets falling lightly to catch one's eye. So pretty and elegant, you'll feel like sparking up a sweet romance! Brand: Kira Hawaii Materials: 14k GF ear wire, Pearl droplets with vermeil, Labradorite droplets with gold plating. ...
Eclipse Earrings
from $ 46.00
The Eclipse Earrings are bold and stunning! So beautiful, you will never want to take them off. Wear these Earrings with the matching choker or bracelet!  Details: 2.5 inches long  Brand: Kira Hawaii  Material: Sterling Silver medallion chain,...
Kira Hawaii  - Jackie Earrings | Sterling Silver
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Jackie Earrings
from $ 88.00
We can’t resist a good earring that’s Bold with Sparkle!   Brand: Kira Hawaii Details: Half Disc with sparkly chains Material: Sterling Silver or 14k gold-filled
from $ 64.00
Add some bling with the stunning Zoe Earrings! Labradorite beaded bar balancing on a 14k gold-filled circular earring. Details: 14k Gold-Filled circular base divided by a labradorite beaded chain Brand: Kira Hawaii 
Mei Necklace
from $ 65.00
Brand: Kira Hawaii 5 little disc sit in the center of necklace for a beautiful shine Available in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled or 14k Rose Gold Filled.
Lightning Bolt Necklace
$ 82.00
Details: Lightning bolt pendant is made with Pave Diamonds. Pave diamonds are small diamonds set closely to each other. We can add an extension (0.5"- 3") to any necklace. Please add a note in the order if extender is needed. Brand: Kira Hawaii...
Forever Bling
from $ 79.00
Love our jewelry and never want to take it off? You're in luck, we offer a "Forever Bling" service making all your dreams possible!! You can choose your material: Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled, or 14K Solid Gold. We offer ...
Amari Earrings
from $ 138.00
Our Amari Earrings are gorgeous! Made with three discs on each earring.  Details: Earring have detailed texture, depending on the material. Brand: Kira Hawaii  Material: Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Filled
Chain Ring
$ 35.00
Simplicity at it's finest, our chain ring is comfy to wear, you might never take it off.   Details: Endless chain ring Brand: Kira Hawaii  Material: 14k Gold Filled
Surgical Steel CZ Studs
$ 25.00
Hypoallergenic Material! The Material needed for any allergies.  Details: Cubic Zirconia Stones, Circle or Square Brand: Kira Hawaii  Material: Plated over Surgical Steel 
Kira Hawaii  - Stamped Necklace Circle Disc | 30" / Argentium Silver / Aloha Vibes
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Stamped Necklace Circle Disc
$ 79.00
Circle Stamp Disc Necklace Stamped with “Aloha Vibes” & “Good Vibes”  Details: 30” chain  Material:  Argentium Silver & 14k Gold Filled  Brand:  Kira Hawaii Jewelry 
Claire Earrings
from $ 79.00
A trio of gemstones, pearls or cz’s drop down on delicate chains in a castcading layered effect. Materials: 14k Gold-filled or Sterling Silver chain with gemstone, cz or pearls.  Brand: Kira Hawaii
Mini Bar Bracelet
from $ 48.00
Simple but delicate.. Our Mini Bar Bracelet is the perfect piece for any outfit. Pair it with our matching Mini Bar Necklace!  Details: 6 inch chain with 1/2 an inch extender  or 6", 6.5", 7" Brand: Kira Hawaii Jewelery Meterial: Sterling Silv...
Hoop Earrings
from $ 29.00
Classic hoops, so lightweight, it wont pull on your ears. Brand: Kira Hawaii Material: Sterling Silver wire, 14k Gold Filled wire
Claire Lariat Necklace
from $ 69.00
The Claire Lariat is 18” long with a 3/4” to 1 1/2 drop, with different gemstones or cz. Details: Aquamarine stones are naturally occurring, there may be slight variations between stones.  CZ is round, fabricated AAA grade. This necklace is 18"...
Heart Chain Baby
from $ 30.00
Our Heart Chain Baby Bracelet is for all the little mini me's out there!  Details: Children's Bracelet Brand: Kira Hawaii Material: Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Filled Chain   
Artemis Anklet
from $ 59.00
Your foot just got some serious bling game. So pretty you'll want to wear it everyday! Pair it with the matching Artemis Necklace  and Artemis Bracelet for an added bling! Details: We can add an extension (0.5"- 1") to any anklet. Please add a n...
Ami Anklet
from $ 35.00
We want you to strut in style...with our Ami Anklet, it'll be sure to dazzle! Pair it with our Ami Necklace or Ami Choker for a complete look.  Details: We can add an extension (0.5"- 1") to any anklet. Please add a note in the order if extender...
Satori Ring
$ 69.00
Satori: Japanese for enlightenment. Inspired by the art in calligraphy of the enso (circle.) Which is symbolic of "Infinite enlightenment" as well as togetherness, emptiness or fullness. Details: Handmade and intertwined beautifully with our thr...