Happy Thanksgiving!! One more joins the Kira Fam!

Happy Thanksgiving!! One more joins the Kira Fam!

Happy Thanksgiving!! 😊💕
My 2020 has been one hellavaride!  We got this little guy on a whim, fell in love with him at first sight, and within hours had to take him to the Vet Emergency because he started to have seizures. It was so scary, crazy, and heartbreaking. Literally just a few hours from taking him home!! Our new puppy that was $$$ and then another $$$$ for the over night vet bill + all the medication etc. But he was well taken care of at the vet and he got released to us last night, just in time for Thanksgiving.
So things I’m so grateful for is that he is alive, and so far is he doing really well.  He is such a cutie and I think he adds in well to our crazy little family. He’s a Husky Golden Retriever otherwise known as Goberian, and his name is Bowie! Yes, as in David Bowie, who says my favorite quote of all time “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”
Fun fact, if Lilah was a boy, we were gonna name her Bowie! But because we can’t promise a real baby boy, Jayson will have to settle for a boy in dog form. 😝
Other things I’m grateful for: my family—everyone is healthy and well, my friends who show us love and support even through the tough times, and all of our wonderful customers just like you reading this, for keeping this dream of mine going, even if we aren’t physically open at the shop right now. The fact that you like, share, comment and still continue to choose us—I am so SO GRATEFUL! I appreciate every comment, every share, every kind word, I feel the love and I hope you do too! I wish nothing but love and happiness to you and your ohana, and hope you all get to stuff yourselves with yummy delicious food today! 😋
And when you wake up from your kanak attack, our Black Friday starts at midnight! 🤪
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to shop small and local!! We ❤️  you!!
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I was just wondering if you were going to get anymore Hayden Necklace in gold soon?

Dawn Yoshimasu

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