Kira Hawaii - The Kira's welcome you into the New Year! Happy 2020

Happy 2020!!

Happy New Year Babes!! I can't believe it's 2020! If we haven't met yet, we are The Kira's!  Yes, Kira is our last name, not my first name, and not any of our daughter's names, but you can still call me Kira and I'll respond, lol!  In Japanese, "Kira" means to 'Sparkle, Shimmer, Shine' and when I first began making all the handmade jewelry you see in the shop, Jayson and I were just newly engaged. We just welcomed our second baby, Lilah last year, and she just recently made 8 months.  It's been crazy hectic, but also filled with so much love, joy and laughter, and Bailee has adjusted extremely well on being an awesome big sister! 

Anywho, I wanted to start off the year sending ya'll all the love and gratitude and good good vibes! We appreciate you SO MUCH for supporting us, supporting local and making this dream of ours into reality, because without you, we wouldn't be here today. SO THANK YOU!!  :)

I try extremely hard to curate a boutique filled with things that you will love, so if you're not seeing something that you want to see in the shop, let me know! I'm always open to bring in fun, new, cute things, and as always, I do take into consideration what you have to say!

Stay tuned for some fun new things on my posts! I'll be talking about mom life, some hacks and tricks I learned, and also of course, fashion!!




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