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OUCH! Burned my shoulder, EO to the rescue!


Errmagerdddd!! Ouch!! I recently burned myself while curling my hair.  It was horrible. Luckily, I had an already made "Boo Boo Blend" roller of essential oils on hand, quickly grabbed it and rolled it on my skin.


It consists of Frankincense, Melaleuca, Lavender and
Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO).
3 drops of each oil into a 10ml roller bottle, and then you fill the rest with FCO.

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How to make an Ice Cream Theme CAKE!

How to make an Ice Cream Theme CAKE!

We all dream about that ultra cute, high layered cake that looks impossible to make.  We totally want to get it for our kid's birthday, but we don't wanna shell out the $150!  Well, I'm here to encourage can do it yourself.  Yes Mama, You can do it!! You can make a cake from almost scratch and if you read on I will divulge all the info that I learned on the way.  By no means am I a cake expert, but for some reason I get mad satisfaction on creating something from nothing and ending up...